>> Greeters of Val de Saône and Vingeanne

In the Val de Saône Vingeanne district, five people who love their region invite you to join them for a few hours and find out about their area of expertise, History, Culture, Agriculture ... They will be happy to tell you about local curiosities and make you feel like a local resident in their company. Because there are places where nature and heritage seem to have conspired over the ages to shape the landscape. Places where there is every reason to set out on a voyage of discovery along the roads, rivers and paths that criss-cross the countryside and where History with a capital H co-exists with simple everyday pleasures, the unusual with the ordinary... 

> Guy, Saint-Seine-sur-Vingeanne

Guy loves the Vingeanne, its heritage, environment and history. He knows it to the tips of his fingers and you will learn to see it through his eyes. "There are flowers everywhere if you want to see them" ... go out and find them with him. There are endless things to talk about and he enjoys sharing his local knowledge ...

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> Thibaut, Charrey-sur-Saône

This dedicated organic farmer will explain to you how his profession has changed since the 19th century. Later you will be offered refreshments and have a chance to hear more. Thibaut is particularly fond of this quotation from Pierre Rabhi "Our destiny is closely linked to that of the environment. Let's stop pretending it's not our problem". Come and hear what he thinks and tell him your own views ...

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> Bernard, Renève

Here is your chance to meet Bernard, a connaisseur of local history who has a degree in Classics. Here's an invitation to hear about the things to which he has dedicated his life: archeology (excavation of a Gallic-Roman villa in Renève), his professional life as a craftsman (carpentry and roofing throughout the ages) and more generally the history of the region (tiles and the tile-manufacturing industry in the region, the wash-houses of the village of Renève, St. Martin's church and the invasion by Gallas and his army in 1636...).

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> Pierre Marie, Saint-Jean-de-Losne

Pierre Marie would like to show you the organ, built in the 18th century and a Historic Monument, in the church at Saint-Jean-de-Losne. Don't miss this opportunity to find out how the organ works and how it is played. Culture and serenity are the keynotes of this rich encounter.

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> Henri, Beire-le-Châtel

Henri is the author of a book about the village of Beire-le-Châtel and an expert on his beloved Tille valley. He will enjoy revealing the secrets of his region: church, castle, river... take a walk at his side for a thoroughly enjoyable lesson in a cheery atmosphere.You will come away feeling you have learnt a lot about the history of the Tille valley and much more besides.

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