>> Greeters of Dijon

The historic capital of Burgundy and the former residence of the Dukes of Burgundy, Dijon is home to many architectural treasures. The city is the perfect size for exploring, and offers gourmet enthusiasts plenty of opportunities to awaken their tastes buds with the flavors of mustard, gingerbread, and blackcurrant.

> Maurice, Dijon

Maurice is a Belgian who arrived in Dijon over 20 years ago. Enthusiastic and curious, this computer engineer, seasoned table tennis player and trainee oenologist (he is studying at the Université Pour Tous) will introduce his town with a history book in his hand and an original anecdote at the ready. His “foreigner’s” perspective of the capital of Burgundy lends a touch of novelty to your exploration. And he is never short of addresses of good wine-growers to visit!

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> Bruno, Dijon et vignoble

36 countries and 4 continents in 20 years! Knight of the Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin order, rugby player, soup kitchen volunteer and folk and ballroom dancer... this is just a glimpse of Bruno’s CV! He also finds time to guide visitors and friends through the vineyards, the local estates and his home town of Dijon. Always ready to take you on a new unique voyage of discovery of his beloved Côte-d’Or, Bruno is as fascinating as he is passionate!

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> Stanislas, Dijon

Stanislas is a young Burgundian living in Dijon since a few years. Unfortunately he does not have much free time with his work but he keeps this one to his hobbies like : supporting our basketball team, and dancing salsa. He travelled alone and knows how difficult it is to discover all the nook of a town ! It is why Pierre is willing to share goods addresses of bars, caves… He also likes photography so he will show you with pleasure great spots where the best angle shots are! Get ready to bring back a lot of souvenir.

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> Pierre, Dijon

Pierre has always loved receiving and sharing, it is why he hosts exchange students for quite a long time. Being retired let him re-discover his town. He likes to tell little anecdotes concerning the main street of Dijon: la rue de la Liberté. But, more than everything else, he loves sharing the Burgundian culture, the one with a capital C: its gastronomy, history, traditions…

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> Clarisse, Dijon

Have you just arrived in Dijon? If so, Clarisse has plenty of hints and tips to help you quickly feel at home here. She’ll be happy to guide you around the town’s "must see" monuments and museums, but also to help you discover some of her favourite shops or places to go out!

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