>> Greeters of the Pays Beaunois

The greeters of the Pays Beaunois are as diverse as the area, depending on whether they live in Beaune or in one of the typical surrounding villages; whether they are farmers, wine growers or other professionals such as teachers, midwives, ICT specialists, housewives or even former town councillors; and whether they have always lived here or, at some point, decided to move from Paris, or even Great Britain, to settle down for good in Burgundy.

Our greeters are all different but share the same love for their neighbourhood and the same desire to tell you about it, explore it with you on a walk, and share their favourite sites, secret spots, and local anecdotes with you.

Depending on their interests – as well as yours – they will be eager to tell you everything they know about the following:

The very special relationship that has always existed between our towns and villages and the wine industry; why the main events in the year of a wine grower are marked by religious celebrations that matter greatly not only to wine growers but also to everyone else.
Beaune’s parks and gardens – the famous ones as well as the secret ones that you’ll discover in a small alley or behind a closed gate.
The everyday lives of farmers, Charolais cattle breeders, cereal growers, and wine producers – the architects of the Burgundian landscape.
The specialities you need to know, smell, and taste at the local markets and other places.
The villages of the Côte and the Hautes-Côtes, and why their special atmospheres, their church towers and ancient washing-places bathed in soft sunlight, make them extraordinary sights.
The history of Beaune, the local stories and memories in particular, the changes in everyday life and in the town layout, from the 50s up until today.
The countryside and its winding roads and various landscapes that paint a different picture of nature and invite you to slow down and breathe. 

Your meeting with one of these friendly and welcoming locals is guaranteed to be special and will reward you with a multitude of impressions and unforgettable moments.

> Jean-Marc , Aubigny la Ronce

Three generations of farmers preceded Jean-Marc in raising Charolais cattle. Calves, cows, cereals, that’s his whole life. The passion he shows for his work as a “nursing father” is transmitted by this simple and inquisitive man through a stroll in this rural land, like an island of peace amidst the agitation of daily life. Jean-Marc will help you to listen to the breeze in the cornfields, feel the earth beneath your feet and admire the Charolais cows grazing in his meadows.

Meet him/her

> Georges, Beaune

This adopted son of Beaune, born in Marseille, is a lover of bicycles and cars, as witnessed by his passion for the Chevrolets whose traces you will follow. From the south of France he has kept the “gift of the gab” and knows the secrets of Beaune. However, as he says himself: “I don’t like dates, but I like people and the stories they tell”. With him, you will push open the hidden gates of the town, you will hear all the small stories that have made its history… and through your strolls in the capital of Wine, Georges is sure to show you a few photos of him taken having a drink with different stars and personalities at one or other of the numerous events in Beaune.

Meet him/her

> Michel, Meursault

This former winemaker who is supposed to be in retirement, is a great lover of sport. A passionate hiker, he still walks every day through the vineyard taken over by his son and does not hesitate to give a hand... so as not to lose the habit. A warm-hearted man, who learnt his job by doing it hands-on with his father and grandmother, he loves to explain the daily life of a vine-grower: the vineyard techniques, the changing seasons, working with the vines or the ins and outs of the different wine appellations…With Michel, it is clear that Meursault’s vines will hold no further secrets for you!

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> Pascal, Beaune

Eclectic and enthusiastic are two of the attributes that define Pascal. Always in love with his home town, he came back to it after years in Paris. He will tell you how the people of Beaune almost caused a revolution to change the direction of traffic circulation in the heaven and hell streets of the Rue d’Enfer and the Rue du Paradis! But above all he will help you discover its market and market hall, its favourite shops, from end to end of a stroll through the town centre. A wine lover, he can also offer you an escapade in the vineyards, to better understand the famous Hill of Corton that is home to some of Burgundy’s most celebrated grands crus.

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> Philippe, Beaune

Either on a relaxed walk or a serious hiking, according to your wish, Philippe will make you discover HIS MOUNTAIN. Philippe is a real "man of the mountain". The Montagne de Beaune is a place jealously guarded by its local inhabitants. This wooded hill up above the town has been for more than 150 years Beaune’s place for a stay in the country during weekends and the holidays. He will tell you how ‘la montagne’ is considered by some as the Beverly Hills of Beaune, having been inspired by the commune of Paris with its president and its own laws! He will take you on a journey through its still secret narrow lanes and his childhood memories. This warm and plain-speaking man will delight you with his anecdotes and his knowledge of this place so dear to the people of Beaune.

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> Philipp, Monthelie

Philipp is British and, like many foreigners living in France, he knows a great deal about Burgundy. He fell in love with the village of Monthelie many years ago and has settled there to spend his busy retirement. He loves to share his passion for history and vineyards, and he will be the best partner for a stroll in this winemakers village of Côte de Beaune. Be ready to meet and greet everyone during your walk, while discovering the story of all the (sometimes famous) inhabitants of Monthelie.

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> Sophie, Baubigny

Sophie adopted Burgundy through her love for her husband who was originally from Beaune and brought home this out and out ‘Cht’i’ from the North of France. Sophie’s love of life is contagious! With her passion for cookery, she has collected and edited over several years the recipes of the inhabitants of Baubigny, a picturesque village of the Hautes Côtes de Beaune where she settled down, never ceasing to discover all the richness that people have within themselves... Her smile and her joie de vivre will enchant you, as will the rambles she will offer between Baubigny and Evelle, through narrow lanes, gardens and the little stories of the castle or the disappeared village of Dracy… or following the little paths leading to Château de la Rochepot

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> Anita, Beaune

Anita casts a sensitive eye over the ramparts of Beaune. Like the artist she is, she gazes over them, sharing her passion and the personal history she has known and lived with them. As a young girl, she knew the open air ‘théâtre de verdure’ when she was still going to the ‘bains-douches’ public baths; as a young woman, she used to go dancing in the former Jules Ferry secondary school. Today she loves to criss-cross the cobbled streets, their colours changing from hour to hour and all of whose secrets she knows. This lover of life, art, botany, dancing and people will carry you off into her very personal universe.

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> Anny, Orches

Discover the tiny and charming village of Orches , overlooking the vines of Côte de Beaune. Set off for a stroll – or a hike – with Anny. Among Burgundian heritage, urban and vernacular architecture, she will tell you about her love at first sight for this place, an earthly paradise with a splendid view. Stride along the streets between cliffs and vines and meet the locals. Share Anny’s happiness and natural way of life...

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> Hervé, Santenay

Both generous and authentic, this retired winemaker will introduce you to the thousand and one facets of Santenay, his village, for which he is the devoted ambassador. Through enthusiastic stories, legends and surprising anecdotes, Hervé will tell you the history of life. You can walk or cycle your way through the streets of Santenay, stopping off to enjoy a range of architectural and botanical points of interest. With his perfect knowledge of the local soils, he will enlighten you on the characteristics of each of the "climats" (vine-growing parcels) that pepper the surrounding hillsides. As well as its wine, Santenay is also famous for its water, whose virtues have been recognised for centuries. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in this original Burgundy village in the company of one of the "local lads".

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