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Would you like to get to know Burgundy and its inhabitants? You now have the chance to meet a greeter in Burgundy!

A greeter is a local volunteer who takes you on a free and informal tour of his or her neighbourhood. Greeters share with you their personal anecdotes and interests, their everyday lives, and their love for Burgundy, so that you can be "a Burgundian for a day" too!
These unique visits last 2-4 hours and are the perfect opportunity to get to know a local who shares your interests.
All you have to do to get in touch with a greeter and become a Burgundian for a Day is request a meeting, and we will put you into contact with a greeter that will take you on a visit!

Meet a greeter

About the Côte-d'Or greeters
The network "Bourguignon d’un Jour" gathers all greeters of the Côte-d'Or. The tourist offices in the area of the vineyards believe that Burgundians are the best ambassadors for the values of the region and specially for the « Climats » of Burgundy’s wine growing region which have been awarded the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage classification.
At the moment, greeter visits are only possible in the Beaune area, but the greeter programme will soon expand to the whole wine area and the entire Côte-d’Or.

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