>> Greeters’ charter – Bourguignon d’un Jour

Before signing up for a greeter visit, and in order to better understand the greeter concept, please read the "Bourguignon d’un Jour" greeters’ charter.  
Greeters are local volunteers who love their neighbourhood and are eager to show it to tourists during an informal visit.
These unique meetings are customised according to the greeter’s and the visitor’s wishes and interests, their schedules, weather conditions, etc.
Greeters are not professional guides and do not offer guided tours. They are like newly met friends that take tourists for a walk off the beaten track and tell them about their neighbourhoods, everyday lives, favourite spots and personal anecdotes.  
The Global Greeter Network has determined a set of core values that must be respected by all greeters:  
- all greeters are volunteers;
- greeter visits are free of charge, non-profit, and tipping is not allowed;
- greeter visits are non-discriminatory and open to all;
- greeter visits are for individuals, and a greeter cannot accommodate more than 6 visitors at a time;
- "soft" transport (public transport, cycling, etc.) must be preferred if necessary.   
Greeter visits
Greeter visits take place in public spaces. They follow the principles determined by the Global Greeter Network and last two to four hours. 
Visitors sign up on the www.bourguignondunjour.fr website and request a visit
Visit requests are managed on the France Greeters national platform.
The greeter lets the visitor(s) know if he/she is available or not. 
Terms of engagement 
The tourist office commits itself to the following:  
-  to promote the network via the communication channels available within the tourist office;
- to enable greeters to meet via informal events arranged by the tourist office several times a year;
- to guarantee that the "greeter philosophy" is respected in order not to compete with professional guides.    
Greeters commit themselves to the following:  
In general:
- to be 18 years of age or over;
- to respect the greeter core values stated in the preamble;
- only to carry out visits as a greeter if these are requested via the website 
- to agree to give his/her mobile telephone number to visitors;
- not to contact the media or any other organisation or company in his/her capacity as a greeter without the prior permission of the tourist office.  
Greeters are volunteers. They are neither legally nor financially dependent upon the tourist office, and the tourist office is not liable for their actions or opinions in any way.
During the visit:
- not to express political opinions or religious beliefs;
- to carry out the visit in a public place;
- not to transport visitors in his/her own vehicle.    
After the visit:
- to inform the tourist office of any incident occurring during the visit.    
Visitors commit themselves to the following:  
- not to meet more than one greeter per stay.  
The visitor confirms and understands that greeter visits are free of charge and that neither the Tourist Information office nor the greeter shall be liable for any accident, loss, assault or any other damage or dispute resulting from causes beyond their control.  
In case of failure to respect the terms of engagement of this charter, the tourist office reserves the right to exclude a greeter from the network.
All those taking part in a walk are responsible for their actions. The Tourist Information office, Côte-d’Or Tourisme and the Federation France Greeters disclaim all responsibility for any incident or accident which may occur during a walk.